Coffee Break with Chocolate Cake

Oh, sometimes I really really love to drink a cup of hot coffee and maybe eat something sweet together with it. So when my mum baked her famous vegan chocolate cake for us, I couldn’t resist to eat a piece of cake with a hot vanilla soy milk coffee as breakfast the next day.

Sooo yummy… And yes I know, I shouldn’t drink too much coffee, but once in a while the sweet taste of the cake in combination with the slightly bitter task of coffee is just the best!



  • Ellen Posted 13 Temmuz 2014 17:58

    Okay, now I\’m getting hungry 🙂

  • Ellen Posted 13 Temmuz 2014 18:00

    If you like to try out some more vegan dessert recipes, have a look at one of my favorite vegan food blogs Oh She Glows!

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