Cats Know It All


I really don’t understand why humans always have to be sooo busy running around doing something, talking to someone or planing to leave the house in a hurry. I think we have all the time in the world and we should sleep more, okay, you can get up at night and stroll around the house and the garden a bit.

But then in the morning I try to be really quiet so that it seems I also slept all night, like my humans. Of course I’m not, because it is important to control the house and the garden, so that the weird, noisy little cat from next door doesn’t dare to come to close to my house.

Then in the morning I really really have to take a long nap and I’m always a little bit disappointed that my humans don’t stay in bed with me. They seem to be in a hurry, so I will watch them eat breakfast, maybe I will get a little snack, if I look at them really cute ;). You know how cats can do that… Just look really cute and stroll around the human legs and you can be sure to get a little something out of the fridge. But is has to be really fresh, you have to make sure you are a bit picky with food, so the humans will only by the best food for you. You know the game 🙂

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